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Alina Grozea: “We have to accept all the craziness we have inside”

Author Alina Grozea shares the inspiration of her debut novel, “THE LAST HOUR”, and explains why being true to ourselves is the only way we can move on.

What inspired your book The Last Hour?

I’ve had several inspirational sources, not just one: my life and my own hidden demons, stories of other people that I’ve heard that impressed me deeply, and a song – “Alive,” by Sia. I am a big fan of her. She changed my views in many ways and she inspires me every day, showing me that not only the perfect details of life, beautifully shaped, shining and positive are worthy to be shown. Not everything has to look good to be good. I’ve learned from her not only about the burden, but the beauty of the weirdness, obsessions, twisted emotions, shameful thoughts – like the thought of suicide. All the feelings are meant to be… felt. We have to be true to ourselves and to accept all the craziness we have inside. Only this way can we move on with our lives.

What do you think about the main characters in The Last Hour?

I think they are good people who lost their ways. They are normal people, with whom each of us can relate. And I am grateful that they chose me to be their writer, to give them life in a book and the opportunity to meet and to be together for one hour. I think every reader has something to learn from their stories and memories.

What is the biggest challenge of being a writer?

The biggest challenge for me is the writing process itself. I do not write easily and I don’t feel the need to write every day. I can’t say that writing is my life and I don’t know if I can call myself a writer. But from time to time I do write and I hope that my readers will be pleased, excited and touched in one way or another by my stories.

„The Last Hour” came out in July and you can find it on Amazon.

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