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Brad Vee Johnson: “Regardless of how much talent, experience and ability I have, it would never be respected in Romania”


Did you live any notable love story in Romania?

No, sorry to say I have had no such luck in Romania.

A while ago, you told me you had a hard time finding a woman willing to commit and have a serious relationship. You also said that most of them wanted a one night stand. Did you have a lot of one night stands?

I told you this because from my point of view, it was true.  When women looked at me they saw two things foreigner and Boney M = MONEY! This really bothered me that I could see the dollar signs in their eyes as they spoke to me. Any other foreigner would not have paid any attention to it what with being distracted by the fact that a beautiful woman was interested in his sorry, sagging, overweight ass without asking himself :WHY? (smiles)

As to the question of one night stands, I have to say NO, I did not have a lot of one night stands.When I realized WHY I was an object of affection, it became so distasteful to me, that I simply lost interest.

Now I will shock you, I have experienced this kind of treatment from BOTH men and women in Romania. I have nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about in admitting that I have lived my life primarily as “free” spirit sexually and although some people which Neanderthal, antiquated, ancient and bigoted points of view would insist upon putting a label such as “bisexual” on me, I have no labels and have always lived my life that way from my beginnings in New York, the capital of freedom, open-mindedness and worldly sophistication right up to this moment. (smiles)

What kind of man are you in a relationship? Are you passionate? Are you jealous?

In an relationship, I am very passionate and committed person.  I see a relationship as a PARTNERSHIP of two SEPARATE people, both with their own goals, their ideas, their own minds, their own careers and interests, who when they get together become US.

Jealousy is something for people who are insecure and don’t truly understand the concept of love! And nine times out of 10, the one being jealous is generally superimposing his own guilt and failure with fidelity upon his or her partner. So NO, I am not the jealous type.

What do you find sexy and attractive in a person?

Well, what interests me in a person is their independence, passion for life, strength of character and ability to have their OWN mind and not what some SOCIETY decides should be their mind and mostly the a person COURAGEOUS enough to LIVE that life.

It’s a cliché question that journalists ask foreigners who come here and I never ask it, but this time I’m really curious: what’s your opinion on Romanian women?

My opinion on Romanian women is that they are exotic, powerful, strong and extremely beautiful, and I my only wish is that they ACTUALLY knew and BELIEVED it, instead allowing themselves to be somebody’s “possession”.  I see that the women are the backbone of the country and I will cheer and shout on the day that a woman actually becomes President and Prime Minister! (smiles) Then maybe I would return! (laughs)

Do you think women are different depending on their nationality or is this a wrong idea? Are there differences between them that strictly connect to the place they live in?

Everyone is connecting to his surroundings and environment in one way or the other, but I must say in my travels around the world the one thing that I have noticed to be true about women is that the are the “SOURCE” of EVERYTHING! They may be separated by geography and language barriers, but women have a strength beyond the ages and something men are incapable of understanding or possessing.

I look at my mother, who raised seven children, never left the United States before; she met a woman from Quebec, Canada who could not speak a word of English… They have been BEST FRIENDS for 20 years now and my mother has gone to visit her, finally leaving the U.S. and her friend has come to visit my mother!  How do they communicate?  Understand each other? This I asked my mother and her answer was…WE WOMEN JUST DO! (smiles) The Feminine Mystique is a marvel!

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