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Brad Vee Johnson: “Regardless of how much talent, experience and ability I have, it would never be respected in Romania”


What do you most regret about your love life?

Never having met that ONE LOVE that should have been with me all these years… It has eluded me.

I know you were married to a Swedish woman and you divorced. How do you regard marriage now? Do you think you would be happy making this kind of commitment again?

Yes, I was married for 12 years in Sweden and only four of them were good years, sorry to say. I was committed to trying, but it was not to be. As to making that commitment again, had you asked me this question a year ago I would have given you a resounding HELL NO! (laughs) But now, I would say that I am open to the possibility of a long term relationship and all the commitment that goes with it… This is what FREEDOM OF MIND will do for you! Bring you back to who you truly are.

Is there any woman that you can call the love of your life?

I actually have 3 LOVES OF MY LIFE:  my mother Deloris, my daughter Jessica and my granddaughter Kayla…YES, I have a grand-daughter! But this is for another interview at another time! (laughs)

What are your plans right now? What are your dreams? Will you keep going from place to place, like a nomad artist that you seem to be?

My plans are to stay in Budapest, since I love the city, and work with my friend and help her to build up her company the way she has imagined it, continue singing, since my jazz is giving me so much pleasure now that I have re-discovered it again. I do have some recording plans on that front. Have signed with a label in Sweden owned by a dear old friend of mine and will most likely do the recordings in the fall in Sweden, maybe in Romania, since I love Andrei Kerestely and it would be a pleasure to have a chance to work with him again. Not sure yet, depends on everybody’s availability.

But most importantly, I will continue to follow MY heart, mind MY business and be the captain of MY life and not allow anybody to put any of their moral indignation or turpitude in my path, because no one has the RIGHT or my PERMISSION to do so. I will go where my heart and my inner voice tell me to. (smiles) Besides being a Gemini, I am generally easily bored and need constant stimulation, so don’t expect to see me with a little house and farm someplace planting vegetables and tending the chickens! Ha, ha, ha! So not my style!



Brad Vee Johnson (English version)

Photographs: personal archive of Brad Vee Johnson

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