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    ZeroBounce Provides Marketers with Solution Amidst Facebook Usage Decline

    Photo by on Unsplash In the wake of Facebook’s algorithm change and its recently announced usage decline, top email verification system ZeroBounce provides marketers with a reliable solution to improve communication with their audience. Created to help companies reach humans, not bots, ZeroBounce increases email deliverability by up to 98% and builds a stronger sender reputation. Email marketing is expected to see ... Citeşte mai departe »

    Jerome Garfunkel: “For me, empathy and kindness are two of the most important values”

    Hey, it’s me. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m very pleased to introduce you to a man who knows that life is a learning experience. Jerome Garfunkel, sometimes called Jerry, also known as Dr. COBOL to some of his contributions to a computer programming language, Common Business Oriented Language. Jerome Garfunkel is also an educator, calligrapher, lecturer and technologist. How are you, ... Citeşte mai departe »

    Isabel Allende: “The secret of living a good life is to not be scared of suffering”

    Photographs by Lori Barra/ Five years after our first conversation, famed writer Isabel Allende agreed to another exclusive interview, right after the tour dedicated to her latest book, “In the Midst of Winter.” The queen of magical realism, as we like to call her, talked about the challenges of writing, how she feels as an immigrant in the United States, ... Citeşte mai departe »

    ZeroBounce Publishes the Complete Guide to Improve Inbox and Deliverability

    ZeroBounce, the most reliable and affordable email verifier on the market, just released The Complete Guide to Improve Inbox and Deliverability. Dedicated to all companies who struggle to get their emails in customers’ inboxes, the guide was created by the ZeroBounce team of experienced professionals. It is a free source of valuable advice for all marketers looking to improve their deliverability rates ... Citeşte mai departe »

    Best Christmas Gift

    foto Transcribing and editing an interview on Christmas day and feeling like you’ve gotten the best gift in months!  It’s been so long since I did an interview. I mean a real, meaningful, spontaneous conversation. This one wasn’t face to face, for practical reasons – there are thousands and thousands of miles between me and the artist I talked to. ... Citeşte mai departe »

    Isabel Allende, at the Atlanta History Center: “I was a lousy journalist, because I always wanted to invent stories”

    photo source Famed writer Isabel Allende visited The Big Peach, on the 16th of November, to take part at an event hosted by the Atlanta History Center in honor of her most recent novel, „In the Midst of Winter.” The author just embarked on a U.S. tour to celebrate her book, or, as she says about meeting her readers, „to ... Citeşte mai departe »

    ZeroBounce Releases Critical Email Validation Tool for Newsletters

    source ZeroBounce, a rapidly growing email verification service, increases deliverability rates for Fortune 500 brands that utilize newsletter campaigns. Research shows 95 percent of people who sign up for a newsletter from a well-known brand consider the emails they receive useful and relevant, and, therefore, are more likely to read and make purchase decisions based on the messages they receive. ... Citeşte mai departe »

    Why hipster barbershops don’t work for me anymore

    In 2015, at the „Jack & Sons” barbershop in Atlanta Haircuts have been a nice treat for me since I was very little. It’s a pampering experience and if all goes well, you leave the shop looking and feeling a little better than when you came in. There are fond memories of my dad taking me to get a haircut ... Citeşte mai departe »

    Bits of wisdom: „The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”

    If you find yourself feeling sad one day, watch „The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.” If you’re having a good day and want to make it even better, watch „The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.” Not only does it star some of the most talented British actors, but it’s a story you’ll always remember. A beautiful contemplation on loss, the invincibility of ... Citeşte mai departe »

    Short fragments: „The Last Hour,” by Alina Grozea

    An intense and captivating read: Alina Grozea’s debut novel, „The Last Hour,” gives you the chance to look within yourself and see all there is, without fear, judgement or self-loathing. Instead, with a little bit more love for yourself and others. It seems like a book about death, but what it actually wants to remind us is how to live ... Citeşte mai departe »

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