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    “The Prince of Tides,” by Pat Conroy: short fragments of art

    photo My favorite paragraphs from Pat Conroy’s most beloved book, “The Prince of Tides” – an memorable story about family, honesty, learning to accept your past, and love. ~~~ My wound is geography. It is also my anchorage, my port of call. *** It was five o’clock in the afternoon Eastern Standard Time when the telephone rang in my house ... Citeşte mai departe »

    Johnny Pizza: “There’s nothing you can’t conquer in this world”

    Johnny Pizza, along with his business partner Roger Diaz, own the charming Hoboken Cafe on Whitlock in Marietta, Georgia. They’ve become famous for their amazing meatball sandwiches, their delicious salads and cheesecakes and especially for the most tender fresh mozzarella cheese you’ll ever taste. Mr. Pizza makes it himself, every morning, and he cooks with joy and passion for his ... Citeşte mai departe »

    Carrie Morey: „I want to empower everyone that I touch”

    We’ve met Carrie Morey, owner of Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit in Charleston and Atlanta, to talk about her fascinating journey in the culinary world and the success she has doing what she loves. In this inspiring interview, Carrie revealed her most important principles of life and business and how she sees her future as the queen of the delicious, unforgettable ... Citeşte mai departe »

    Liz Sheridan: „You should go out there and follow your heart”

    photo It is our great pleasure to welcome our special guest, Liz Sheridan. She is an actress who has been in a variety of films and television series. She joins us to talk about her life in the Arts and her book, ‘Dizzy and Jimmy.’ Who is Liz Sheridan? (laughs) Are you sitting down? (laughs) Actually, as a matter of ... Citeşte mai departe »

    Audrey Hepburn’s Recipe for Penne alla Vodka

    photo Ever wondered how Audrey Hepburn would cook penne alla vodka? Here’s her recipe: SERVES 4 1/3 onion or 1/2 scallion, peeled and finely chopped Pinch crushed red pepper flakes 5½ tablespoons (80 g) unsalted butter 1 cup (230 g) tomato puree ½ cup (120 ml) good-qualityRussian vodka ½ cup (120 ml) heavy cream Coarse sea salt 1 pound (500 ... Citeşte mai departe »

    Elizabeth J. Church: “I write each and every day. Nothing is more important to me”

    photo: Algonquin Books, Alan A. Church Her debut novel, “The Atomic Weight of Love,” is among Amazon’s “Best literature and fiction of 2016 so far” and is listed as the 12th best selling out of 20. ELIZABETH J. CHURCH entered the literary world with the naturalness of someone who has always written books. She spent more than 30 years working as a ... Citeşte mai departe »

    My favorite paragraphs: „The Atomic Weight of Love,” by Elizabeth J. Church

    It was such a joy to read Elizabeth J. Church’s debut novel! „The Atomic Weight of Love” is the kind of book that infiltrates itself into your daily life and makes you think about the story even when you’re not immersed in reading it. So you can’t wait to find the next couple of hours to read more, and more, ... Citeşte mai departe »

    My favorite paragraphs: „The Summer Before the War,” by Helen Simonson

    Helen Simonson, the bestselling author of Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, returns with a breathtaking novel of love on the eve of World War I that reaches far beyond the small English town in which it is set. Here are some of my favorite paragraphs in the book: In the warm afternoon, Beatrice again walked the road out of town, up ... Citeşte mai departe »

    Brigitte Bardot: “A woman is the reflection of how a man treats her”

    French animal activist BRIGITTE BARDOT, formerly an actress, model and singer, remains one of the most famous icons of the 50s and 60s. She has agreed to answer a few questions exclusively for From La Madrague, her beautiful home in the South of France, Bardot gives insight about her career and early retirement, feminism, her wishes for the future, ... Citeşte mai departe »

    J.Nadimi: „We should have only one culture, and that is to be good to each other”

    You walk through the door looking for a cigar and a cup of coffee and you walk out with a story.  J. Nadimi of J’s Cigars and Coffee House has created the kind of place where there are no expectations.  Everyone is welcome and although you may have come to search for the perfect cigar, what you’ll find is relaxation ... Citeşte mai departe »

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