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Elliot Mintz, on Chateau Marmont

Photo: personal archive of Mr. Elliot Mintz

We asked the ever inspiring Elliot Mintz to share a few words on what is probably the most famous hotel in the United States. The legendary radio personality and Hollywood publicist was kind enough to talk to us about Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles’s „grand old lady” that he invites us to visit soon.


New hotels in Los Angeles all seem to feel the same. They are, for the most part ‘steel and glass’ structures designed to herald the owner/architect more than paying respect to the guest. They are flashy, sleek, sexy, expedient, expensive and automatic. For $ 750 per night, you will feel appreciated by the anonymous voices from the ‘desk’ or ‘room service’, or the ever accomodating concierge.

If you tap the ‘o’ key, you can request just about anything. The drapes, shades, lighting, audio video center, temperature, and start of your bath can be regulated by a 5X7 electronic, digital, finger operated screen placed in the various rooms. You will be safe and insulated with a view of palm trees and ‘city views’. And there is usually a ‘waiting list’ for reservations.

The Chateau Marmont is different. It is ‘old school’, european in vibe, old fashion is style. Things move slower. The rooms feel lived in. The hallways hold secrets. The narrow sidewalk around the building is only two feet wide, so you are always ‘close’. Nobody tries to hide. Here is a cordial sense of familiarity between staff and guest. The place feels more like family than business.

I have spent many a night at the grand old place over the years. Sometimes with clients, other times with someone special. But most of the nights in the heavily draped lobby with its persian rugs on dark wood floors, listening to various people spontaneously playing piano. Some of these folks were world famous artists. Occasionally, guests of the hotel, other times just passing through. Midnight songfests with flowing beverages and late night snacks were inspired. Musicians love to sing with others and random visitors, like myself, enjoy the rare opportunity to join in.

The Chateau is a part of Los Angeles that is quickly vanishing. In time it will give way to some ‘high rise’ where conveyor belts will deliver sushi dishes and the 10,000 square foot gym will provide ‘Hollywood trainers’ and botox services. For now, it is unique and ‘old guard’. She is a grand old lady who stands atop a thousand unspoken legacies. You really should visit her soon.


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