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Arhivă etichete: magical realism

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Isabel Allende: “The secret of living a good life is to not be scared of suffering”

Photographs by Lori Barra/ Five years after our first conversation, famed writer Isabel Allende agreed to another exclusive interview, right after the tour dedicated to her latest book, “In the Midst of Winter.” The queen of magical realism, as we like to call her, talked about the challenges of writing, how she feels as an immigrant in the United States, ... Citeşte mai departe »

Isabel Allende, at the Atlanta History Center: “I was a lousy journalist, because I always wanted to invent stories”

photo source Famed writer Isabel Allende visited The Big Peach, on the 16th of November, to take part at an event hosted by the Atlanta History Center in honor of her most recent novel, „In the Midst of Winter.” The author just embarked on a U.S. tour to celebrate her book, or, as she says about meeting her readers, „to ... Citeşte mai departe »

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