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Rumi: how to find yourself

photo “Doing as others told me, I was Blind. Coming when others called me, I was Lost. Then I left everyone, myself as well. Then I found Everyone, Myself as well.” Rumi Citeşte mai departe »

“The Man of Feeling,” by Javier Marías: a meditation on love

foto: www.larevista.ro Amazingly beautiful meditation on love, published in the book “The Man of Feeling,” by Spanish writer Javier Marías. „The Man of Feeling is a love story in which love is neither seen nor experienced, but announced and remembered. Can such a thing happen? Can something as urgent and unpostponable as love, which requires both presence and immediate consummation or ... Citeşte mai departe »

„Pretty Happy,” by Kate Hudson: this spring’s perfect read!

In her new book, Pretty Happy, Kate Hudson shares her insights to help motivate every woman to become healthy, strong, and beautiful from the inside out in a new stunning, full color illustrated lifestyle guide. I didn’t just wake up one day understanding how to take care of myself. I had to learn how to do so over time, and ... Citeşte mai departe »

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