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Sting: „I hear music all the time”

Sting, on his deep and everlasting bond with music: „I hear music all the time. Sometimes it drives me totally crazy. [laughs] In absolute silence I hear music. I hear music, I hear rhythms, I hear bird song. I live in an aural world. It’s never totally empty.” From an interview published on Citeşte mai departe »

John Goodwin: “These days, a lot of people are trying to be similar to others in order to be embraced by the industry”

John Goodwin is a composer, a painter and a sculptor. And by the way he approaches the musical notes, canvas or mosaic, he is a definition of the word “artist.” Born in Los Angeles and located in Nashville, John Goodwin composes music “in relative solitude”, far from the agitated world of today’s record business. John Goodwin is critical of today’s ... Citeşte mai departe »

Precious Wilson: „I never take my audience for granted”

The 70’s was an era that brought about a huge change in the music business.  Groups such as Earth,Wind & Fire and The Commodores were topping the charts in the U.S., and a new style of music emerged on the scene that would revolutionize the music industry forever…..DISCO! It took the world by storm and discoteques  sprang up everywhere. No ... Citeşte mai departe »

Maizie Williams of Boney M: „I miss my old colleagues. When you are in a group you become like a family”

Sitting in her lush London flat, one could almost get the impression of watching Cleopatra reclining after a long day of “queening”. This is the picture that the lovely Maizie Williams from Boney M paints in your mind.  It was distinct pleasure to catch up with her for a very in-depth and impromptu interview, something we had discussed for a ... Citeşte mai departe »

Brad Vee Johnson: “Regardless of how much talent, experience and ability I have, it would never be respected in Romania”

He is, as he describes himself, a man it’s difficult to put labels on. He is an artist. He is a universal citizen. He is a person with fabulous life stories, whom you never get bored listening to. In an inhibited and truly honest interview, Brad Vee Johnson talks about his life in Romania, about music, about his son – ... Citeşte mai departe »

Rick Allison: There are no secrets for writing a good song, it’s a way of living

He composed songs that will never die. Je t’aime, Humana or Si tu m’aimes, performed by Lara Fabian, were written by Rick Allison, in moments of divine inspiration. He is also the one who produced nine of the famous singer’s albums, sold in millions of copies all over the world. After 14 years in which they were an extraordinary couple, ... Citeşte mai departe »