luni , 2 august 2021

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Brad Vee Johnson: “Regardless of how much talent, experience and ability I have, it would never be respected in Romania”

He is, as he describes himself, a man it’s difficult to put labels on. He is an artist. He is a universal citizen. He is a person with fabulous life stories, whom you never get bored listening to. In an inhibited and truly honest interview, Brad Vee Johnson talks about his life in Romania, about music, about his son – ... Citeşte mai departe »

Leslie Hawke: Top 5 greatest gifts I’ve ever received

Leslie Hawke has a confession to make and an emotion to unveil in every response she offers. The co-founder of OvidiuRo association, who found joy in helping needy children in Romania, told us which are the greatest gifts she has ever received in life. Here they are. LESLIE HAWKE: The Catholic theologian Thomas Merton said that „The things we really ... Citeşte mai departe »

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