vineri , 28 februarie 2020

Arhivă etichete: The last hour

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Short fragments: „The Last Hour,” by Alina Grozea

An intense and captivating read: Alina Grozea’s debut novel, „The Last Hour,” gives you the chance to look within yourself and see all there is, without fear, judgement or self-loathing. Instead, with a little bit more love for yourself and others. It seems like a book about death, but what it actually wants to remind us is how to live ... Citeşte mai departe »

Alina Grozea: “We have to accept all the craziness we have inside”

Author Alina Grozea shares the inspiration of her debut novel, “THE LAST HOUR”, and explains why being true to ourselves is the only way we can move on. What inspired your book The Last Hour? I’ve had several inspirational sources, not just one: my life and my own hidden demons, stories of other people that I’ve heard that impressed me ... Citeşte mai departe »

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