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Joe Cocker: „If I started in music today, I don’t know if I would make it”


Only two days ahead of his concert in Bucharest, which promotes his latest album, „Fire It Up”, Joe Cocker found time to answer a few of our questions. The great artist remembers about the most difficult time of his career and says that he’s not sure whether he would make it in the music business if he started today. He also talks about his wife, Pamela, and about his daily pleasures.

You’ve been living in Colorado, USA for so many years now. Have you gotten to feel American? 

I’ve been living in the States for over 35 years. I do feel like the U.S. is my home, but I have never applied for citizenship and unfortunately, I cannot vote. I still can’t let go of my UK passport. I do have a green card, though.

Do you think that your career is related to destiny rather than to your own choices?

All I can say is that I’ve been very lucky, but I also worked very hard in developing my style. I had a lot of training in the pubs of England.

What was the hardest time for you, professionally?

The hardest time was after the Mad Dogs Tour; I was completely shattered due to drugs and alcohol. I went back to England and just got in the van and traveled for months.

What made you stay in showbiz until this day? 

I love to sing, this is the main reason, and as long as the fans come out to see the show, I’ll keep on performing. Showbiz is a totally new business today from when I first started. If I started in music today, I don’t know if I would make it.

What drives you? Where do you take your energy from?

As in the earlier question, it’s the love of singing and my fans.

If you could turn back in time in a specific moment of your life, what moment would that be?

I think I like where I’m at right now. No going back for me.

What are the most important qualities of your wife, Pamela? 

Pamela has stuck with me through thick and thin, she is one of the reasons I’m still around today.

What are your daily pleasures?

Well, now that I don’t smoke or drink, I enjoy taking walks with the dogs in the morning. Then coming back for a large breakfast, you know, a real English fry up.



Joe Cocker will be singing live in Bucharest, on the 4th of August, in a concert which promotes his latest album, „Fire It Up”.

Special thanks to Project Events, the organiser of Joe Cocker’s show, for their support in the making of this interview.

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