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“The Man of Feeling,” by Javier Marías: a meditation on love


Amazingly beautiful meditation on love, published in the book “The Man of Feeling,” by Spanish writer Javier Marías.

The Man of Feeling is a love story in which love is neither seen nor experienced, but announced and remembered. Can such a thing happen? Can something as urgent and unpostponable as love, which requires both presence and immediate consummation or consumption, be announced when it does not yet exist truly remembered if it no longer exists? Or does the announcement itself and mere memory – now and still respectively – form part of that love? I don’t know, but I do believe that love is based in large measure on its anticipation and on its recollection. It is the feeling that requires the largest dose of imagination, not only when one senses its presence, when one sees it coming, and not only when the person who has experienced and lost love feels the need to explain it to him or herself, but also while that love is evolving and is in full flow. Let us say it is a feeling that always demands an element of fiction beyond that afforded by reality. In other words, love always has an imaginary side to it, however tangible or real we believe it to be at any given moment. It is always about to be fulfilled, it is the realm of what might be. Or, rather, of what might have been.”


You can find „The Man of Feeling” here.

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