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Mandy Ingber: „Yoga is a lens with which to view myself”

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What’s the most important thing that keeps your friendship with Jennifer Aniston going on, after so many years?

Trust, Loyalty and Love. We’ve both grown a lot and witnessed a lot in one another. That’s pretty special.

You said that you consider your body „your greatest gift” and that it is „an absolute miracle”. Is the love for yourself something natural or did you have to work on it?

I have been working on this one all my life. Loving my body is my life’s work. I am a natural born perfectionist, and have tendencies to want to control to feel safe. This resulted in eating disorders… trying to stuff, rather than self-parent my own extreme emotions. So this arduous process began by my self-loathing tendencies, which began when I was 10 and culminated when I was 22. It was then that I decided to love myself as a work-in-progress. When I began teaching at age 27, I was far from the self-lover that I am now, but I learned to positive self talk and act my way into correct thinking. Soon, I was speaking self-love aloud, and my body began to respond. I am now 45 and I am still in that process. Dealing with injuries as they come and go, and simply accepting myself in all my forms. So, truly, this is an ongoing relationship with myself to this day.

Can yoga help people in this direction? Did it help you?

Can yoga help? Yes. But it’s really the self-acceptance and ultimately the mind must be trained. Yoga can help teach you detachment and self-observation, however, you can use anything against yourself. So it’s not the yoga… but the WAY you practice that makes the difference in self-love. Yoga itself did not help me. Yoga has been a throughline since my childhood. I used it to try to win my dad’s attention, compete with others and even to be hard on myself, yet yoga has also helped me to connect with others, to share, and to create space.

What’s the greatest thing yoga taught you about yourself?

Yoga has not taught me anything. Yoga is a space and a touchstone. A lens with which to view myself.

How would you like to grow old? What do you see when you think about your future? 

I AM old! (laughs) I would like to be more present and balanced in my daily life, and be able to enjoy every moment.



Mandy Ingber was born in Los Angeles and for a few years, she worked as an actress. Then, she followed a successful career in fitness/wellness. Her DVD, Yogalosophy, where she presents some of the most effective routines she conceived, is still being bought enthusiastically by people around the world. On the 6th of May, Ingber also launched a book which is based on the same concept of Yogalosophy – combining yoga moves and other types of workouts meant to tone and strenghten the entire body, inside and out. In Yogalosophy: 28-days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover, Ingber offers us a unique 28-day plan to help readers achieve healthier bodies and happier minds.

Ingber is a keynote speaker and an event headliner for such events as People Magazine’s A-List Workout and SELF Magazine’s Workout In the Park, a spokesperson for Lightlife, Crystal Light’s U-Pump-It-Up campaign, and a contributing fitness and wellness advisor on Yahoo, ThatsFit, FitSugar, Shape, Health, Women’s Health, USA Today, and Self. Mandy is a fitness blogger for E! Online and, and is featured regularly in publications, such as Self, InStyle, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, O Magazine, Los Angeles, People, Us Weekly, Life&Style, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Elle, and more.

Mandy Ingber English Version

Cover of „Yogalosophy” book
Cover of „Yogalosophy” book
Mandy Ingber and Jennifer Aniston
Mandy Ingber and Jennifer Aniston
Mandy Ingber and Jennifer Aniston
Mandy Ingber and Jennifer Aniston
Mandy Ingber and Kate Beckinsale
Mandy Ingber and Kate Beckinsale
Launch of „Yogalosophy” book
Launch of „Yogalosophy” book
Mandy Ingber
Mandy Ingber

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