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„In the Midst of Winter”: Isabel Allende releases a new book and embarks on a U.S. tour


Celebrated writer Isabel Allende will release her latest novel this fall and the event will be followed by a highly expected book tour in the United States. Published by Atria Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, „In the Midst of Winter” already sounds like a page turner and will come out on October 31st.

„In the Midst of Winter” begins with a minor traffic accident—which becomes the catalyst for an unexpected and moving love story between two people who thought they were deep into the winter of their lives. Richard Bowmaster—a 60-year- old human rights scholar—hits the car of Evelyn Ortega—a young, undocumented immigrant from Guatemala—in the middle of a snowstorm in Brooklyn. What at first seems just a small inconvenience takes an unforeseen and far more serious turn when Evelyn turns up at the professor’s house seeking help. At a loss, the professor asks his tenant Lucía Maraz—a 62-year- old lecturer from Chile—for her advice. These three very different people are brought together in a mesmerizing story that moves from present-day Brooklyn to Guatemala in the recent past to 1970s Chile and Brazil, sparking the beginning of a long overdue love story between Richard and Lucia.

Exploring the timely issues of human rights and the plight of immigrants and refugees, the book recalls Allende’s landmark novel „The House of the Spirits” in the way it embraces the cause of “humanity, and it does so with passion, humor, and wisdom that transcend politics” (Jonathan Yardley, The Washington Post). „In the Midst of Winter” will stay with you long after you turn the final page.

Isabel Allende’s beloved works have been translated into more than 35 languages and have sold more than 65 million copies worldwide. In December 2014, President Obama awarded Allende with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Her most recent novel, „The Japanese Lover,” published by Atria Books in 2015, was a worldwide bestseller and called “monumental” by Harper’s Bazaar and “poignant, powerful” by The Boston Globe.

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