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TQX: “We love music, but we don’t like what the music industry has become”

Some would say that Sia’s mysterious ways have influenced those around her, because a new group of musicians with whom she collaborates – TQX (TourniquetX) – are even more secretive when it comes to their identity. But their intriguing enigmatic image is backed strong musical and social views and powerful messages delivered through stunning visuals and vocals of Sia – yes, THAT SIA! – and other wonderful singers. But let’s see what I was able to find out so far about TQX:

  • They love a song called “Für Alina” by Arvo Pärt. (This is my bragging moment.)
  • They are good friends with “my” SIA. (Astonished emoticon here. Chills all over.)
  • They invented the phrase “Nostalgic For The Present” that Sia used as the name of her 2016 world tour. (Again, chills, because I was nostalgic for the present in Bucharest, on August 17, in the most magical day of my life.)

Let’s go back to these guys (or girls, nobody knows) from TQX and see what they have to say about their newly-started journey in the music industry. And about Sia, of course.

Who are you, TQX, and what do you want from the world, in general, and from music industry, in particular?

We are a group of artists and musicians. We live in various places on this globe. We see a global intimacy. We love music, but we don’t like what the music industry has become. Business people in the music industry have spent their whole lives working out how to make money. Artists have spent their whole lives learning how to make beauty. Greed has gotten way out of control. Donald Trunt is raping and pillaging behind all his decoys and we say: musicians need to take a stand!

We also ask the question: If musicians can’t survive and can’t make enough money to continue to make music… what happens to music?

We believe the less money we make, the harder we must work – for music itself! Because we fear music will become increasingly low grade and corporate unless musicians themselves take charge. Many musicians have given up because they are broke. It’s kinda like people just switch of on politics because tRUMP and his gang of thieves have gaslighted and horrified us to the point of exhaustion. We say FUCK THAT!…We are gonna GO HARD and fight and slay.

Online music platforms in general don’t care about content. If content is good, they are fine, if content if crappy, but makes a profit, they are fine. Not cool – but it’s the way of capitalism.

You appeared almost over-night in social media, with new accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, announcing a mind-blowing collaboration with Sia for a downtempo track called “The Day That You Moved On”. How did you come to work with Sia for this project?

We have members in LA, members in NY and some of us are friends with Sia, some of us have toured with her. Sia is constantly writing, we just shimmied under her music light for a second. It’s endless #fountain. Sia speaks out also, you see. We respect that. She has made realness hip. She is a true friend and very supportive.

Can you tell me more about your friendship with Sia? How long have you known her?

We’ve known Sia since the late 90s. We knew her before she was a huge pop star. We have eaten tentacles together. We used to eat frozen sunny boys and glugs together. One time she got a „free” and she just gave it to us!

How does your collaboration with her work? Do you work together in the studio?

With “THE DAY THAT YOU MOVED ON” we wrote the track and gave her a mock up demo. She was flying from LA to NY and felt inspired to write the song on the plane. She presented it to us when she landed. We performed it a few times, I think? Then we finalised the track in NY and sent it to her when she was back in LA and she popped her vox on it. She gave us a few passes and we basically flew the tracks in and it was golden. Sia is pretty quick with writing and we suppose if it’s not quick, she moves on.

And what about that snort of her in the middle of the song (min 1.15)? I personally loved it, it sounds so natural, so ‘live’, but at first I thought it was a mistake to not remove it from the final version…

We left her snort on there, that was important to her!

 We know Sia the popstar – how would you describe her as friend, in real life?

She has empathy and great emotional intelligence. Her eyes go dark and light. She is a human earthling with hyper awareness. She cares. Sia has worked so hard to grow as a human. THAT is rare. She keeps her mirror clean so she can show the world the beauty of music and the gods.

She loves her friends and her dogs and, well, you need to think hard about what it would really be like for Sia; if everyone knew you as a pop star, and you were getting 1,000 emails a day asking for shit and they were framing their requests in all sorts of ways to try to reach you… So Sia has a suit of armor called David (David Russel, Sia’s manager). He is super professional and he helps her as do her whole team. But basically she is a great human being who the gods gave immense talent to ~ so she can LEARN and avoid eternal recurrence and she may move onto another realm next time around.

What other artists do you admire?

We like Arthur Rubinstein, (Wow), 070Shake, Donald Vails, Daniel Merriweather, Gyorgy Ligeti, David Bowie, Terje Rypdal, Sophie, PSY , Sirah, Kool A.D., Diplo, Knower, Ben Monder, Jagwar Ma… There are so many…

Your videos are weirdly beautiful, visually provocative, very emotional and mind challenging. What inspires you in creating your visuals?

Thank you for saying so! We like fine art films and I suppose we like to take risks… Like with our video for “The Day That You Moved on REMIX”! We actually found this guy that one of us knew and asked him to dress as a clown! And in return, we would fly him all over the world. He was a good sport. He was pretty confused by our process!

With our videos, we are in many ways speaking about the increasing deluge of technology upon our souls. We are speaking about how children are not able to speak properly or write or communicate as a result of constant screen addiction. We are speaking about the couples out on a dinner date who spend the whole time on their screens. The huge rise in road accidents as a result of texting „LOL”. We are speaking about the insidious nature of big tech think tanks and their corporate greed masked as „a desire to connect people” and how these short-sighted businessmen couldn’t care less about planet Earth or the future as long as they make profit. We are speaking about how social media platforms are grafting their way into our psyches and stealing our soul. We like to look at the stars and our fellow beings. We love to watch animals move. Goldfish are so beautiful.

I guess it’s safe to say that you are far for being mainstream artists. How does your audience look like?

Our audience looks like YOU. It looks like anyone who listens and relates. It looks HOT! You are HOT!

Ha, ha, thank you! But how does your ideal fan look like?

Our ideal fan is everyone. We love life and we love people, with warts or non-warts. We just want to express goodness and love, but we want to question things. We are tired of the pain body stealing the present moment. We are so grateful for the honor of making music and we like this quote: “Hold to the now, the here, through which all future plunges to the past.” (James Joyce, Ulysses)

What kind of people do you intend to reach with your art and what is your idea of success in this business?

We want to reach people who can connect and relate. We want to be useful. We want people to be able to dream along with our music. We want it to be evocative and fun, and also challenging. Who knows what people will think… but it seems people are liking us so far!

Our idea of success in business is this.

After this song ft Sia – “The Day That You Moved On”, and other song ft. Daniel Merriweather, “When They Come for Us”, your next single will also be a collaboration with Sia as a co-writer. Can you tell me more about this future track?

„Text Me Back” is a hip hop jam and features Kool A.D and Sirah (who is on those big Skrillex hits). Both are amazing rappers… and we are so excited to present this banger. The hook was written by Sia and the song is about a girl who is frantically wondering why her guy hasn’t texted back. A familiar issue, right! It’s a way to look at phones and love and obsession and our tech-culture.

You’re also working on an album, “Global Intimacy” – how many tracks will have? How many with Sia

There are 12 tracks. Sia is on “The Day That You Moved On”, “The Day That You Moved On – Remix”, she wrote the hook for “Text Me Back” (the song will be released on July 6th) and she wrote another ballad which is sick!


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